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The GPS Tracking Tracker is a miniature GPS tracker designed for asset and vehicle tracking.The TT8850 Micro Tracker is simply the smallest and most versatile tracker. Track on any computer or PDA-Style cell phone You may not realize it but you cant just buy a GPS tracker without buying into one companys GPS Tracking System.And All GPS Tracking Systems are not alike! While many GPS trackers may look the same and some may even cost less, they dont always work the same way. The monthly monitoring service that you pay for and which your trackers are specifically programmed to work with may not provide you multiple methods for determining and reporting tracking location data. Any GPS TRACKER will attempt to obtain a GPS reading from at least three orbiting GPS satellites. If successful, the tracker will transmit that information to a computer server, which will display it on an online web-based portal with mapping software. Only $24.95 per month. Worldwide coverage

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